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This is going to be your world…

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Speech contains 673 words and takes 4 minutes and 40 seconds to perform.

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Headoffice EMO

Headoffice EMO
You walk right into our Office straight out of College! NN, there is a difference between the two worlds – one is the world of a carefree youngster who is not affected by any of the events that occur outside the classroom and is non committal; the other one is the world of a responsible young man who is accountable to the Office as well as to his family. Welcome on board young man… As your days and weeks progress, you may find that you are not on the same wavelength as your colleagues here… Work at Office demands that you are well dressed each day, you keep your timings, and you work towards giving the output that is expected of you by your Office… While enjoying the freedom to move around and to do the assigned work, you should also understand your responsibilities towards the organization once you join it, and all your future acts within the four walls of this office must be aimed at improving the image and stature of this Office… You further learn to take along with you your entire team consisting of your superiors, peers and subordinates. Working in this Office does not require you to be a rocket scientist! All that is required is tact coupled with the earnest desire to do well in your chosen profession. You should leave a mark for your self by your exemplary behaviour, hard work and enthusiasm. The present day work culture and opportunities will tempt you to occasionally look for greener pastures elsewhere!

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