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Hope, Perfection, Peace

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Speech contains 324 words and takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds to perform.

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EMO Headoffice

EMO Headoffice
The speech describes the importance of such an event, pointing out the beauty of the transition into the second half of the pensioner’s life. Retirement speech made by a co-worker. The speaker shares his / her appreciation for the things NN has left behind and lets him / her know that everything from his / her first half of life will be kept in a special corner of their hearts. The speaker tries to encourage NN to think hopefully and positively about his / her new beginning. Extracts from the speech: […] “Marilyn Monroe was the heroine of a very pleasant movie, ‘Some like it hot’, a movie which ended with the memorable line…” […] “Like Frank Sinatra, who sang the very well-known song, ‘My way’, we can say that…”

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