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Farewell mate; but the time is not far off when we would reassemble!

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Speech contains 626 words and takes 4 minutes and 20 seconds to perform.

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Headoffice EMO

Headoffice EMO
Parting is painful. The hour to grieve is here; NN has finally decided to leave his present job and is on the look out for greener pastures. He has found a suitable exposure abroad. He will be given an official sendoff by the Company; he will also have a gathering of friends outside the Company. I thought it fit to invite our hero NN for an informal gathering here tonight, the night is being hosted by me and our colleagues in our section. It is in honour of the good times… We in fact cried together when the chips were down… Being a small private gathering, I do not think you would be in the state of mind to hear a full length dramatic speech where unfailingly, speaker after speaker would praise our hero, NN… we know that NN has been a good boy, very obedient to our bosses, very punctual and one who slogged to maintain the dignity of the Company…would it have made any difference to the Company had NN not been here; for that matter, would it have made any difference to the Company had anyone of us not been here all these years… It is a fate of events that has held us together… if we are not around somebody with better caliber would move in… I promise we will meet even after we move out of this Company… we are not bidding farewell to NN, we are merely helping NN relocate for the present. So folks, do not feel depressed; tonight is just another night which is keeping us together…

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 05 January, 2015.
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