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If I had to choose a mom, I would still choose you.

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Speech contains 272 words and takes 1 minutes and 53 seconds to perform.

Information and excerpt

Speech writer:
Maria Blomberg

Maria Blomberg
This is a thoughtful and appreciative speech to the world's best mom. The daughter would like to delight her mother with a little extra now that she is in focus. The speech is fit to be made at a birthday party, Mother's Day or any of the kind. A thought about the speech is that it should not be too sentimental or crying material, but instead it should have a more positive and appreciative outlook. The speaker and her mother have a very good and close relationship. In addition to the biological ties they also have a friendly relationship. The speech can also be found in the category: “Birthdays - To my mother”. Excerpts from the beginning and middle: A mother cannot be chosen or purchased. In other words, you have to have some luck. When I had you as a mom, I drew the largest winning ticket of them all. [...] If I had - all natural laws despite - gotten to choose who would be my mother, I would have, with no doubt, chosen you. [...]

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 09 August, 2014.
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