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A candle light dinner to remember…

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Speech contains 807 words and takes 5 minutes and 36 seconds to perform.

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Headoffice EMO

Headoffice EMO
I for once don't like the habit of changing my girl friend! When I have a look at events around me, I find a number of boys ditch their girls and vice versa. It appears as if they are dealing with each other as if they were changing their clothes. NN came into my life through a common acquaintance. I should confess that I have done the process of due diligence before venturing into this for a second time, and NN I found you acceptable on all counts… Tonight we are having our first dinner together. I have called along my sister with whom I share a very intimate relationship; I discuss all my success and failures with her and so does she. I have asked her to be with us for our first dinner together; and I am happy that you have brought along your brother too. It suits me fine. The evening is very romantic; we are here to enjoy this family dinner. With just four of us around this small table, I hope by the end of this dinner we are drawn closer and hit it off well in the day, months and years to follow. I am of the firm believer that thoughts of genuine love and good wishes definitely cure sorrow; the happiness one gets in giving love to others is a great form of charity which should begin at home… If you need the company of a loved one you should question yourself as to whether you possess enough love to be shared with your companion. It is only if you have enough love to be shared that you can expect your companion to share the same with you – it is a give and take transaction in which the situation is win – win for both…

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